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Netbank Mobile │ Merchant Accounts


To open a merchant account or business account for MSMEs, the following requirements must be met: First, an individual account is needed as a prerequisite before requesting a merchant account. If you already have an existing Netbank Mobile account, you can already apply for a merchant account, please complete the online application form. CLICK HERE                                                                         

How can I receive payments using my Netbank QRPH code?

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  • Valid ID of Authorized Signatory

  • Photo Signature

  • Local Government Business Registration

  • National Business License (DTI)

  • BIR Registration (if available)


A Netbank Mobile Merchant Account allows you to accept payments from your customers via QRPH QR Code. With this account, you'll generate a QR Code for your customers to scan when making payments. Please note that scanning QR Codes of your customers, as well as scanning GCredit and GGives, is currently not supported. Payment collection will only be successful when your customer scans your Merchant QR Code. The fee for any transaction amount is 5PHP. Additionally, transferring funds from your Netbank Merchant account to your Netbank Mobile account is free of charge. There are no payment limits.

The Turnaround time for the Approval after the user submits the merchant account application or after registration is listed below. 

  • Account Applications before 5pm PST during banking days will be processed the same day. 

  • Account Applications after 5pm PST will be processed on the next banking day.

  • Account Applications on Fridays after 5pm PST will be processed on the next banking day (Monday).

  • Account  Applications during weekends and holidays will be processed on the next banking day.

Netbank is a participant in QR (Quick Response) PH (Philippines) P2P (Peer-to-Peer) and P2M (Peer-to-Merchant) transactions.

Interest Rate


4% interest rate p.a with daily crediting

Time Deposit

6 months with 6% interest rate p.a
12 months with 7% interest rate p.a

Charges & Fees

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Fund Transfer

From Netbank Mobile to other banks

Instapay   Free 
PESONet   Free 

From Netbank to Netbank



Ayannah Network             Php 40.00
ECPay Network                  Php 20.00
Mluillier                                   Php 30.00
VIP Center                             Php    5.00


Ayannah Network             3% of the transaction amount
Mluillier                                   2% of the transaction amount

Note: No charges/payment shall be asked by the counters and stores on top of your deposit/cash-in or withdrawal/cash-out amount.

Contact us at

Customer Support Team is only available 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

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