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Alternative Lenders

Expand your lending with a partner that understands your business.

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  • Book loans originated by the lender on Netbank’s balance sheet

  • Automate payments to and from the alternative lender’ accounts to their clients, to their funders

  • Distribute funds via ATM 

  • Allow alternative lenders to cross-sell other products to the clients – insurance, savings accounts, payment facilities, etc. 

  • Allow the lenders’ clients to manage products from an app, re-skinned to the lender’s brand

  • Manage client contacts via the CRM system – pass client concerns to the lender where needed

  • Provide client on-boarding / eKYC

  • Gather data to allow credit scoring, such as location data, credit file, etc. 

  • Report on NPL rates, vintage curves, profitability, etc.

Existing alternative lenders looking to expand

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Lenders need to raise additional funds to expand their portfolio. If they book loans on their own balance sheet they will also need to raise capital to meet lenders’ leverage requirements, so founders risk losing control. By transferring loans to a bank, lenders can expand without needing to focus on fund raising, allowing them to focus on growth. They also lower their capital requirements, so increasing their returns on equity.

Netbank is ‘in production’ with 2 alternative lenders and piloting with 2 others.




Issue loans without raising capital or equity


Joint Control Accounts

Lower credit risk by controlling ‘flow of funds’


Disbursement Tool

Disburse via API, to bank accounts, wallets, counters


Collection Accounts

Track all repayments, offer more repayment channels

International lenders looking to expand in the Philippines

The Philippines is an attractive market for alternative lending, with high interest rates and high propensity to borrow. On balance sheet lenders need a finance company license, which can delay launch. Existing platforms find it easier to enter the market in partnership with a bank; loan originators do not need to be licensed. Netbank has deep expertise in all forms of lending and can work with lenders to advise on market entry strategy and credit risk mitigation tools.

Netbank is advising / partnering with 2 alternative lenders seeking to enter the Filipino market.


eCommerce platforms looking to start lending

eCommerce platforms can diversify their income streams and maximize customer value by offering loans to their partners or clients. Before starting a program, the platform needs to understand the credit risk issues and obtain the required licensing to lend. By working with Netbank, eCommerce providers can lend safely and get to market fast. Netbank’s systems can integrate directly with eCommerce platforms’ systems via API. Netbank can either assume credit risk or operate under a
guarantee arrangement with the originating platform.


Services we Offer


Book loans originated by partners


Jointly define loan programs


Provide additional payment services

Book loans originated by partners

Transfer data via API or re-book loans. New or seasoned loans. Wide range of loans, including motorbike, salary, SME or consumer loans.


Solutions we have built

Segment specific bank accounts, using Netbank’s mobile app

Launch a Neobank in the Philippines in 2 months, for less than $15,000

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Full banking services using your own app

Launch a Neobank in the Philippines in 2 months, for less than $15,000

Wallets designed for your clients

Specialist accounts for specialist uses. Loyalty programs, payroll solutions, accounts for agents, and more

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Let’s work together.

Reach out and our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.

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