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Neobanks & Wallets

Develop a complete NeoBank or Wallet solution on Netbank's comprehensive platform

  • Such as MFIs, employer networks, electricity companies, finance companies, etc. 

  • Open accounts for all clients, using existing KYC data, or scanning cards, ID forms, etc. 

  • Provide a re-skinned mobile app to the clients, so they can activate their accounts, manage balances

  • Issue new loans to the client’s accounts. Allow client to receive remittance from abroad. 

  • Issue cards to the clients, allow clients to withdraw funds via ATM or via remittance networks

  • Facilitate over the counter withdrawals and payments, via the card, using ePOS terminals

  • Allow clients to make bill payments, pay face to face in merchants, send funds to relatives, etc. 

  • Lend funds back to the MFI, lowering their cost of funds

Want to launch faster?

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NeoBanks should focus on customer experience, accelerating time to market and innovation.

They should use partners to provide the non-differentiating services such as core banking services, regulatory compliance and balance sheet management, since these services are slow to build and strongly driven by scale.

By partnering with Netbank, NeoBanks can launch a new service in a matter of weeks at minimal cost.

Seeking to enter the Philippines?

Experience from other markets can be directly deployed to the Philippines, which is a highly attractive market with low levels of penetration, high net interest margins and low levels of competition.

Regulations allow NeoBanks to act as 'origination agents', which does not require them to be regulated. Existing NeoBanks need to identify a partner that understands the regulation, that is operating on a white-labelled basis and which has the technology and channels already set-up. Netbank has all of this in place.

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Solutions for eCommerce and Digital Asset sellers'

eCommerce platforms need a simple process to manage 'wallets' for their suppliers, their delivery teams and their customers. These wallets should be incorporated into their apps and seamlessly integrate with their systems. Services need to be fully white-labelled so the customer is not confused with multiple brands. Channels allowing cash in and out and payments (bills, face to face) should be incorporated.

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Solutions for existing EMIs

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Products we Offer

We bring the latest technology, built from scratch on the cloud, using APIs.

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Mobile App Integration

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Transaction accounts or e-money wallets. Using our core banking system or integrating with your system. 

Loan accounts with Netbank taking credit risk or operating as a balance only.

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Solutions we have built

Segment specific bank accounts, using Netbank’s mobile app

Launch a Neobank in the Philippines in 2 months, for less than $15,000

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Full banking services using your own app

Launch a Neobank in the Philippines in 2 months, for less than $15,000

Wallets designed for your clients

Specialist accounts for specialist uses. Loyalty programs, payroll solutions, accounts for agents, and more

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Let’s work together.

Reach out and our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.

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