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Flexible Account Types

Open loan or savings accounts for
you or your clients


Fund your clients

  • Your product design, your branding

  • Funding provided by Netbank’s balance sheet

  • Short-term loans, long-term loans

  • Advice on loan product design and risk mitigation tools

  • Flexible interest schemes, up-front interest

  • Range of penalty schemes

  • Restructuring options


Simplify transactions 
(Transaction accounts)

  • Simple transactions, simple interfaces, multiple channels – all in your control

  • Transaction accounts opened via API, or mobile app

  • Straight-through processing

  • Accounts grouped by partner, by function with consolidated reporting

  • E-Wallets or regulated accounts

  • Opened via API, bulk upload, mobile app or manual entry

  • Managed via dedicated front-end or via API

  • Client control or joint control

  • Flexible account opening


Give interest
(Time Deposits)

  • Your branding, your clients earn

  • Range of savings products, incl fixed / variable term deposits

  • Pay above market interest rates

  • Simple / compelling interest rate designs

  • Creative interest and benefits

  • 3 month, 6 month, 12 month

  • Flexible designs (Roll-over interest, pay-out interest, etc.)

  • Accounts opened under BIN Sponsorship

  • Client tracking accounts for eCommerce, lenders

  • Joint control accounts to reduce credit risk

  • Collection accounts for local and international payments

  • Settlement accounts for specialist payment flows

Example solutions

Let's work together.

Reach out and our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.

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