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Accelerating Filipino Fintech

Netbank is a 'Banking as a Service' platform, allowing fintech to launch and scale fast in the Philippines. Fully regulated.

Netbank provides solutions for all types of businesses.

If you are looking to grow your Fintech, start a new one, expand your services or start offering financial services to your existing customers, we can help you. We bring you a full range of banking services via API, using your your brand.

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To alternative lenders

To Neo Banks, Fintech
To networks
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To alternative lenders

  • Book loans originated by the lender on Netbank’s balance sheet

  • Automate payments to and from the alternative lender’ accounts to their clients, to their funders

  • Distribute funds via ATM 

  • Allow alternative lenders to cross-sell other products to the clients – insurance, savings accounts, payment facilities, etc. 

  • Allow the lenders’ clients to manage products from an app, re-skinned to the lender’s brand

  • Manage client contacts via the CRM system – pass client concerns to the lender where needed

  • Provide client on-boarding / eKYC

  • Gather data to allow credit scoring, such as location data, credit file, etc. 

  • Report on NPL rates, vintage curves, profitability, etc.

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We provide you the fintech tools to grow your business

Open transaction accounts via API or Upload. Real and 'virtual' accounts. Implement tools for specialist flows.

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Disburse and Collect payments via API or file upload. PesoNet and Instapay, plus access to 12,000 physical payment points. Mastercard member.


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Fund client loans with an efficient balance sheet structure, connecting via API or direct access. Reduce losses using our credit tools.


Automated KYC and KYB processes, allowing accelerated on-boarding for partners. Range of credit checking tools to lower credit risk.

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Access accounts and payments via API, connecting to CBS on the cloud. White-labelled mobile app. Connect to databases and tools.



Why choose Netbank?

We bring the latest technology, built from scratch on the cloud, using APIs.

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Deep Industry Knowledge


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Fully regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

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The only bank operated in white-labelled basis

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Hassle Free Onboarding


Reinforce your Products and Processes with Netbank's APIs

Explore our turn-key purpose-built API suite. Built for simplicity and scalability, you can integrate yourself, or create specialist flows in as little as 4 weeks.


Our Partners

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Let’s work together.

Reach out and our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.