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Service clients with digital client interfaces


Validate your clients
(KYC Processes)

  • Meet compliance requirements and assess risks

  • Confirm client identify, protect against fraud

  • Validate identify remotely using eKYC on mobile app, including proof of life check and database check

  • Leverage existing KYC to open accounts (KYC reliance)

  • Simplify KYC for basic deposit accounts, adapt process to risk level

  • Integrate with advanced validation processes for higher risk clients


Give clients control
(mobile, app, web)

  • Best in class information and transaction options

  • Native mobile interface, re-skinned to your brand, or dedicated app

  • Account application via mobile app

  • Text message gateway, configurable and triggered by API, Control accounts via facebook messenger

  • Integration with your front-ends, including web-sites and apps


Simplify applications
(data gathering tools)

  • Gather information and on-board clients via online tools 

  • Gather data via loan origination systems

  • Integrate data via API integrations 

  • Confirm documents from electronic signatures 


Connect via multiple channels
(CRM tools)

  • Multiple channels to connect to your clients, managed through a unified portal

  • Messenger, chatbot and facebook

  • Email and phone

  • Analytics tools

  • Integrated client ticketing system

  • Provide client access via web-site and mobile apps

Let's work together.

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