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Optimize your business using our built-in tools

  • Receive consolidated account balances, account numbers, growth data, etc.

  • Monitor suspicious transactions and AML reporting requirements automatically

  • Create custom reports, by demographic, month on book, vintage, etc. 

  • Conduct detailed credit risk assessments


Track progress 
(Reporting tools)

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Manage credit risk
(Scoring and tools)

  • Analyse your portfolio, learn, reduce losses

  • Check against traditional and non-traditional data sources

  • Work with Netbank credit risk experts to improve product design

  • Integrate payment processes to ensure repayment

  • Use AI analytics / deep learning tools to define risk parameters

  • Manage PDCs issued by clients

  • Trial new product designs, using 3rd party guarantee

  • Promote your service in partnership with our experts

  • Run dedicated social media marketing campaigns

  • Set-up chat-bots to sell and service your products

  • Manage all clients via a dedicated CRM system

  • Manage cross-sales via automated marketing tools

  • Receive fees for cross-sales from selected partners


Sell your service
(Sales campaigns)

Let's work together.

Reach out and our dedicated team will help you find the right solution for your business.