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Netbank Introduces Innovative Partnership-Based Savings Accounts in Collaboration with Filipino Face

Expansion of Netbank’s partnership banking model is designed to enhance financial inclusion

Manila, Date – Netbank, the Filipino bank specializing in partnership-based banking, is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge savings accounts in collaboration with several Filipino Facebook Groups. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower and serve specific communities by offering specialized features tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the target groups.

Netbank's partnership-based banking approach leverages the power of online communities, bringing banking services directly to the fingertips of group members. By joining forces with various Facebook Groups such as Digital Banks Ph, Tipid Hacks Philippines and others, Netbank ensures that its services are easily accessible to individuals who share common interests and goals.

One of the standout features of Netbank's partnership-based savings accounts is the introduction of raffle-based savings. This innovative concept allows members of participating Facebook Groups to save and earn chances to win exciting prizes, creating an engaging and rewarding savings experience. Through this program, Netbank encourages financial wellness and incentivizes individuals to cultivate healthy savings habits within their community.

By offering a product through a group, Netbank is able to identify a micro-segment and promote its products to this micro-segment. This brings benefits both to the group and to its members. Netbank is working with groups focused on online selling, ‘good deals’, students, gig workers, and others.

The group will direct clients to Netbank’s banking app, where clients can open a Netbank savings account very conveniently. Users can complete the account opening process in approximately 10 minutes, providing them with swift access to a wide range of banking services. The Netbank mobile app allows clients to make payments via Instapay, facilitate bill payments, and review detailed transaction information, ensuring a seamless banking experience right at their fingertips.

"Netbank is thrilled to collaborate with Facebook Groups to introduce partnership-based savings accounts that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of specific communities," said YP Raneses, Head of Mobile Banking and Networks at Netbank. "Our goal is to provide accessible and innovative banking solutions that empower individuals to achieve their financial goals while strengthening the groups and that we partner with."

Netbank's launch of these specialized savings accounts marks a significant milestone in the evolution of partnership-based banking in the Philippines. By leveraging technology and community-driven initiatives, Netbank is revolutionizing the way individuals save, transact, and engage with their financial resources.

To learn more about Netbank and explore the exciting features of their partnership-based savings accounts, please visit or download the Netbank Mobile app from your preferred app store.

Netbank (a Rural Bank), Inc. is the embedded finance platform in Southeast Asia operating on a full banking license. It provides banking services, on a fully white-labelled basis, so that Filipino Fintechs can grow fast and reduce their costs, thus accelerating financial inclusion and innovation. It provides simple, creative, low cost solutions so partners can open accounts, offer loans and manage payments.

To learn more about Netbank, go to, see LinkedIn or contact

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