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Product Offering for HRIS Providers

A Filipino bank, working through partnerships.

A bank that accelerates fintech partners 

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Use Our Proven System To Offer Salary Loans to your Employees

Pros of issuing Salary Loans to employees:

  • Reduced financial stress among employees

  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention

  • Increased productivity

  • Cost-effective

  • Reduced financial risk

  • Boost in business reputation

  • Flexibility and convenience


Our understanding of your situation:

  • You manage HRIS/payroll services for your clients

  • With the expanding needs of the workforce, HRIS providers need to be more creative and offer more flexible solutions to the workforce

  • HRIS providers are now more keen to provide services for employee engagement & retention

  • Providing salary loans to your existing clients’ employees would make your services stickier


Benefits to you – additional revenue, more sticky clients:

Additional revenue

  • Netbank pays fees to the HRIS provider

    • Origination fees

More sticky clients

  • Additional service to your clients

  • Once the employees have loans it is very difficult for them to change their payroll provider


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