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Job Description:
 Lending client assessment, On-boarding, Credit risk assessment & Analytics

1.Company description

Netbank is a start-up fintech led bank, focused on the under-served. Its model is to:

  • Partner with Fintechs, banks and non-bank lenders, who have existing client networks

  • Allow these partners to sign-up clients, for an origination fee, booked on Netbank’s balance sheet. Netbank would provide:

    • Loans to clients, so the partners can grow without raising additional capital

    • Deposit accounts for clients, serviced by the partner (on a white-label basis)

    • Technology services to the partners, allowing them more efficient processing and better client satisfaction

    • Provide banking services through APIs.

Netbank will initially operate in the Philippines, but the business model is applicable across multiple geographies.

2.Job Summary

The Netbank Credit Risk Assessment & Analytics Manager will be primarily responsible for Credit Risk Assessment and Credit Evaluation of lending partners and their end clients (borrowers).


3.Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop credit risk tools (credit scoring, collections data, etc.)

    • Review alternative providers

    • Assess based on effectiveness

    • Manage relationships

  • Loan governance and Policy development

    • Manage the bank’s credit risk committee

    • Oversee loans manuals

  • Onboarding

    • Identify clients

    • Promote Netbank’s lending products

    • Conduct initial risk assessment

    • Conduct partner’s onboarding and risk review. Assess loss rates and profitability

    • Conduct evaluation of due diligence documents and Know-your-Business (KYB) evaluation of prospective lending partners

    • In charge with the credit evaluation on each client of the alternative lender partner

  • Lending credit risk optimisation

    • Build databases to allow statistical analysis of historical loan performance to identify criteria which predict loan loss. Maintain and update these models

    • Conduct loan reviews / Develop understanding of the underlying causes of risk for each type of loan

    • Assess lending criteria / loan acceptance criteria for individual loan programs

    • Integrate credit risk assessment tools into the loan acceptance criteria

  • Lending process optimisation

    • Review lending processes to understand issues that take time, slow the process

    • Review and optimise the process

    • Remove credit risk mitigation process steps that are not bringing value

  • Individual loans assessment. Conduct personally, or lead a team to:

    • Perform the credit investigation and background investigation and negative checks (e.g. BAP NFIS) on each clients

    • Analyze financial statements, cash flow statements and other similar documents submitted by clients to determine the payment capacity of the borrowers.

    • Analyze appraisal reports to determine the marketability and acceptability of the property/ies offered as collateral/s.

    • Coordinate with partners and/or applicant to clarify and validate the data provided.

    • Prepare loan summary/proposals and recommend for the loan’s approval or rejection based on the based on the loan acceptance criteria and the Bank’s credit policies.

    • Present loan summary/proposals to approvers as needed.

  • Support projects to develop additional products to lenders

    • Identify new solutions and use cases relevant to the partnership model

    • Conduct collaborations with other Netbank groups

  • In charge of providing reports to management on an ad-hoc basis


The position will be based in Manila, but remote working is possible. It will initially report to the Head of Operations. 


4. Reporting line

Reports to CEO of the Bank.


5. Metrics to monitor

  • Efficient turn-around time of loan applications based on the standard set by the Bank

  • Good credit quality of the portfolio

  • Good relationship with partners


6. Required skills and qualifications

  • Filipino national

  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Business Administration/Commerce, Business Management, Economics, Financial Management or their equivalent.

  • 3-5 years experience in credit risk assessment – especially in consumer and SME lending

  • Ability to explain Netbank products to clients.

  • Knowledgeable in banking operations, products and services

  • Knowledgeable in banking regulatory requirements

  • Good oral and written communication

7. Desired personality type

  • Detail and process orientated, ensuring complete execution of loan acceptance criteria and credit policies

  • With strong analytical skills, especially numerical analysis.

  • Judgment to identify the impact of analytical findings

  • Can work independently and proactively. Results-oriented

  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.

  • Professionalism at the highest level.

  • Energetic and positive

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